May 3, 2022

7 inspiring + engaging ways to capture you as the person behind your business

There is no template or a set or standard way to capture every nuance of your business. In this article you’ll find out about different approaches and see which one, or even which ones, are able to communicate what you want your ideal client to know about you and your business.

These different types of portraits are not just my client’s favourite photoshoots because they are fun, uplifting and effective, they have also proven successful by branding experts.

1) Headshots

Your portrait that has the sole purpose to communicate quickly and effectively what your personality is. Use these as profile pictures in you social media bios and as part of your “About Me” web page.

Example of a headshot

2) Business Life

Imagine an editorial article about you in your favourite professional magazine. That photographer from, let’s say Architectural Digest, would walk around your perfectly appointed office and casually catches your attention while you creatively and joyfully solve your client's needs.

These photos are not just perfect for your upcoming article, but they are also used to give your audience on Instagram, Facebook, etc. a Behind The Scenes look at how you make your magic happen.

Example of a business lifestyle photo

3) Working

As opposed to Business Life photos, this one is more documentarian. The viewer gets to quietly observe you doing what you do best and seeing for themselves how competently you navigate the world you work in. For you that might be at your desk, using industry specific tools, visiting a construction site or the laboratory, or interacting with clients.

These photos are used to regularly sprinkle throughout your social media, and for any occasion you want to demonstrate your expertise in action.

Personal Branding photo showing what happens behind the scenes

4) A minute to yourself

These are casual lifestyle photos of in-between moments that allow your audience to look in from the outside and deeply relate to your personality and values. These photos are great for posts that mean to encourage others or share an inspirational quote that you live and work by.

Personal Branding photo showing a quiet moment

5) Still Lifes and Flat Lays

It is not necessary to be in all your branding photos. Flatlays are not just a great way to show off your products but add depth and texture to your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. feeds and portfolios.

This is a chance to show your clients how you see beauty or excitement in the things that are around you.

Personal Branding photo showing environment or product

6) Detail shots

Sometime you just have to be blunt. Tactfully, of course. Detail shots really allow you to emphasise something that is important to you, or to drive your point home. It’s a great strategy to use close-up photos instead of lengthy text.

As with all your personal branding photos, this is another type you want to sprinkle throughout your social media so your audience can get to know you better.

A close up shot of a typical for personal branding

7) Personal Interest

Photos of you enjoying what you like most outside of work like travel, cooking, sports, your dog, kids, etc.

With photos like this, your ideal client, your avatar, your ICP, or how ever you like to refer to the most perfect person to do business with, gets to know you even better and they start to like you and trust you because you share the same values.

Add Personal Interest photo your “About” page on your website and regularly to your social media feeds.

These photos, together with a note to your audience to comment on them, or to ask a question related to what is is the photo (your call to action) will entice your existing and potential client to interact, strengthening the relationship you want to build so you can complete the “know”, “like”, “trust” mantra and ultimately work with your ideal client.

All these types of photoshoots together give you a huge variety of photos and allow you to always publish fresh content to stay top-of-mind with your clientele.

Most of them can be sprinkled throughout your social media, web site, and print material. Your headshot and business lifestyle photos are perfect for book covers, press releases, speaker bios, etc. and your personal lifestyle photos are ideal for your telling website visitors about yourself.

I hope this blog post has inspired you to think about all the possibilities you have as much as it has inspires me to go out there every day and get these photos for you and your business.

If you should have any questions or comments, please do add them below and we can have a wonderfully open conversation. And if you’d like to talk about how to get this wonderful variety of beautiful and strategic business photos for yourself, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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