About Me

My passion for strategic photos started in biotech

My photos have to have a job and I pride myself on giving portrait photography a right-brain approach.

When I worked in biotech, I was "the person with the fancy camera" so I photographed the scientist and equipment for marketing collateral.
I was hooked!

Over the years

I quickly realised what the most rewarding part of being a portrait photographer was

  • putting people who hate getting photographed at ease the first time we speak by sharing my practical approach to portraits rather than confuse, or even intimidating, with the nebulous term "artistic".
  • slowly watch clients relax during their sessions under my guidance, with good music, nibbles and humour.
  • the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from countless clients (and their mothers) telling me how they love their photos.


My journey has led me to love what I do because it's very rewarding to see

- Headshots getting actors auditions

- Polaroids getting models agents

- Branding photos turning businesses into trusted personalities

Being a mum, I am also a warrior for teen girls and am always very honoured to take their portraits and help raise self-esteem and healthy body image.